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Hi! Welcome to Meeks Me Smile Studio, a place where style meets versatility. Designed for that person who just wants to add a little excitement and fun to their closet. This brand was born out of good fun! One night while getting dressed, I realized that none of my handbags expressed the fun night my girls and I were about to have. So, what’s a girl to do?? Make one, of course! I already had the sewing bug, making clothes for myself for years. So I did some research and voilà! My very own clutch that was both fun and functional. From that first clutch, the Meeks Me Smile Studio has evolved to include, not only clutch purses, but shoulder bags, totes, wallets and more. No matter how many collections I add, the mission remains the same: “keep it fun and but it’d better be functional!”


I love my new wristlet! You make a beautiful and practical product. I don’t like to carry a purse while I shop. This is stylish and practical. Thank you!

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