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Chair of a Jazz Emsemble


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Chair of a Jazz Ensemble

After studying well acknowledged artist and philosopher Wassily Kandinsky, I became familiar with his ideals of the emotional and spiritual quality of color through its application in a two-dimensional art form, painting to a canvas. Kandinsky also examined the relationship between painting and music. He applied these theories using music by Arnold Schoenberg, an Austrian composer, creating Impression III(Concert). Combining this research with the ideals of other artists-musicians, painters, sculptors, and furniture designers- I have extended Kandinsky’s philosophies into a three-dimensional composition, more specifically an original chair design. This research communicates an audible sensation through a visual and physical experience of nesting in a chair. Using two of my jazz influenced works, The Band (right) and Sounds of Jazz (a painting), the design suggests a musical experience can be found in shapes, lines, and colors. Using traditional materials such as wood and upholstery to represent the familiar, through their execution the piece will exemplify my hypothesis of music without sound. The semi-enclosed design embodies security, comfort, and solitude, much like the musical experience with headphones.

Starry Night Cabinet


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While studying at the Buckinghamshire New University in Buckinghamshire England, we were required to design and construct a wall cabinet for a person of our choice. After obtaining enough information about my client I designed the Starry Night Cabinet. The cabinet was inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. I chose this painting because Van Gogh is one of the client's favorite artists and I felt Starry Night is one of his most recognizable works. 

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