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Now while getting pampered at the Paint Nail Bar you can also shop  Meeks Me Smile.

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Its official! Flower Bar is stock with all the design to make you smile! Check it out and more!


Click the logo to see the other amazing vendors at the boutique! 

Holiday Swing 2019

We have another one on the books! What a HUGE success. I am so pleased with the turnout here. It was fun, packed for of people new customers and old. Thank you to everyone that came out to support. I couldn't be where I am with you! Its going to be a busy 2020, and I am looking forward to it 

Nov 30th - Dec 1st

Holiday Swing 2019.jpg

Holiday Swing 2018

December 1st and 2nd was an amazing display of the holiday spirit amoungst local makers! I enjoy anytime I get to see people sharing their passion with the world! What a great two days at Union Station, couldn't have picked a better venus. 

KC Made Happy Hour

In support of the Kansas City Garden. I particiated in the Make Happy Hour on July 27th. Always a good time with makers. 

Spring Swing KC 2018 

On May 19-20 I was fortunate enough to participate in my first two day craft fair, hosted by Strawberry Swing. Because of this fair I am able to gain more customer and sell sell sell. It was awesome. After this show all but a few items were left in my inventory. That was very exciting! But that means I had to take down the pages of my site for now.